New MLM Prelaunch for Liv – Launching April 2018

This new MLM company called “Liv” rolls out to the USA and Canada in April 2018.

Liv – Overview Video Presentation 1 of 3

Nic talks about wanting to see the world and make a difference; and how he saw some information, took action, and how that changed his life.

1. The Gig Economy – fast growing trend expecting to double in the next 4 years. People using their assets or resources to create a side income or “gig”. Examples include Uber and AirBnB. People are looking for a Plan-B income stream.
2. Value of Experience – 150 millions baby-boomers and millennials believe experiences are a major part of a fulfilling life. Leading psychologists say purchasing experiences make us happier than purchasing “things.” Over time, satisfaction with things goes down, where as satisfaction with experiences goes up.

The movie called “The Bucketlist” talks about making a list and checking off the items you’ve never done. People have a project list, a task list and a “to do” list; but rarely does a person proactively create his or her own “live list”. The company’s version of “Liv.List” are exclusive curated events, member-only life experiences. The community has a voice, similar to crowdfunding, in which experiences will take place. The steps include:
1) Pledge (small deposit), begin socially selling the trip or event
2) Activate the experience – requires a minimum number of partipants
3) Live the event – with six things done on every experience: a) main event, b) dinners and night life, c) Liv.ToLearn – learning opportunities, d) Electives and excursions, e) Health lifestyle activities, and g) Liv2Giv or Volunteering (sometimes called Voluntourism).

Liv – Overview Video Presentation 2 of 3 – Memberships/Benefits

There are three memberships levels:
1) Access
2) Premier
3) VIP

Benefits vary per program, but include Liv.Media, Liv.Travel, Liv.Local (app for local discounts), Liv.Launch, Liv.Marketplace.
Premier and VIP get Liv.Assisant, your own personal assisant to help with travel and misc research. VIP includes a mystery box each month, of hottest products and trends going on today.

Liv – Overview Video Presentation 3 of 3 – Business

Leverage allows you to encompass the efforts of other members.

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